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Grand Avenue Hair Club specials

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Call for our latest special!

From discounts and deals on manicures and pedicures to haircuts and colors, Grand Avenue Hair Club always has a special treat for pampering yourself and your loved ones.

What will we offer next?

Our special offers could be in celebration of Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or 'just because' it's the first day of Spring. Or because it's Friday. Or because we like you and want to give you something wonderful to honor how much we appreciate your business.

Stop by today and you'll always see the latest special on our big sign out front, or for more information give us a call at (847) 587-3330.



Gift Certificates are available for purchase in any denomination

We hope to see you soon!

* Please note: all prices are subject to change. Call for exact pricing, or stop in for a consultation today!